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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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presumed dead. it is happening near the rock ridge shopping center. john alsto in is there live with the latest latest on this. >> reporter: they are suiting up and getting ready to go into the water. they will be going in to begin the first underwater look at possibly finding this gentleman. it is not far from where this accident happened. if you look over here there is a tall cliff that goes right into the quarry about a hundred feet above the water. those homes are up near the montgomery street side, and that is where the man apparently fell earlier this evening. we have video from a short time ago. this started at about 7:15. the man was apparently looking for his cat and flipped off that -- sliped off the cliff into the ravine where the water is filling the quarry. his friend found a flashlight, but did not find him. initially he thought he fell in a hole. the alameda county dive team
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came out and the search and rescue came out to look for him. the chp brought out a helicopter which illuminating the hillside. they used a he can-seeking mechanism -- a heat seeking mechanism. >> they found a heat source on the side of the hill. we had our rescue team repel down the hill to look for where the chp stated they saw the heat source and we found nothing. we have the sheriff dive team out here. >> it was very slippery. some of his men started to slip down the hill. they were tethered. the dive team is going into the water and two members will look around. it is unknown at this point how long they will be in the water. this is something they are used to and it is an all volunteer team. the fact that it is raining out and it is dark means nothing. once they get underwater they will try to find this victim.
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this quarry is filled with water . in some areas it is estimated to be between 40 and 80 feet. there is no current. it is surrounded. dive teams from the alameda county sheriff's department will be going in shortly. unknown how long they will be in the water. john alston, abc news. >> thank you. rain is coming down now in oakland and across much of the bay area. sand yaw patel is here with a look at live doppler 7hd. sandhya? >> i will show you live doppler 7hd in the past hour and a half. san francisco right along the embarcadero has picked up over a third of an inch of rain. it has indeed been coming down. and this is just outside our studios. as we look at live doppler 7hd we are in the heart of the cold front. we show you napa and the vallejo fairfield area, and we are seeing light to moderate rainfall. we are getting pretty moderate rainfall around around --
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around vacaville. danny e says it is coming down in vallejo. the east bay has finally started to get into the area. ful cay calf street and ceaser chavez and third street down the east bay and oakland adeline street, seventh street, it has been raining steadily. and we are not done with the rain yet. when you will be able to put the umbrellas away and what your thanksgiving day forecast is like. make sure you have the umbrellas first thing in the morning. >> the rain is caution all kinds of problems. alan wang is live in greenbrae where the rain has been steady all night. >> this is the redwood mobile home park. it is below sea level so they are watching the rain as it rises carefully out here. highway 101 is elevated, but it still tends to take on a lot of runoff, and that is what is believed to have caused a 5-car wreck around 8
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oocht 30 tonight. 8:30 tonight. it happened mere the richmond bridge off-ramp. the chp says two cars hydroplaned causing another three cars to slam on their brakes and spinout all over the highway. there were no serious injuries, but it caused the huge traffic jam in the low-lying area. the residents are watching those water levels levels and paying close attention to the rain. >> a lot of it has to do with when we get flooding there is a high tide. there is a lot of rain and we skirt it. if it gets high tide we get a lot of rain and we will flood. >> the sandbags are out in this part of marin county. we did check three sandbag filling stations throughout the county, but overall very little activity. reporting live in greenbrae, alan wang, abc7 news.
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>> thanks very much. incoming flights are delayed by at least 90 minutes because of rain and the low cloud ceiling. oakland and san jose mineta airport have no delays. if you are going to the sierra interstate 80 is open with no chain controls. holiday flights will continue despite a strike authorization vote by flight attendants. union leaders will continue with federal mediation for the time being. >> a warning about thieves targeting homes for packages left at the door by delivery drivers. they are called porch pirates, and they are especially aggressive in fremont. nick smith is live at the police station where one woman was caught on tape. nick? >> reporter: absolutely, carolyn, good evening. you know, the holidays can mean on-line shopping and pack kennels left at your door. but police say it is also an opportunity for thieves to make off with your goods.
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do you know this woman? they are asking to help identify the thief who stole a package in broad daylight. trevor is the homeowner and the man who caught the whole thing on tape. >> watching the video i can tell she had a lot of practice. she is good at looking nonshaw lont and walking up to the porch and taking it like she belonged there. >> an alert was sent to the smart phone, but then there was a second alert. >> it showed somebody coming up to the porch and picking it up and making off with it. >> she also made off with the bag of groceries collected as part of a holiday food donation. they say she is 5 foot 4 and between 25 and 30 years old and about 180 pounds. all movement around trevor's door activates this camera and it even recorded us. >> we have a system where when a package is delivered -- >> the owner and manager of this ups store in the hub center says ups is expected to
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deliver 527 million packages the holidays. a bough bonanza for chiefs looking for easy targets. so they offer an alternative. >> hold the package securely until you are able to come and pick it up. >> reporter: most are looking for electronics to prevent you from becoming a victim. rye treef your package as soon as it is arrived or ask the delivery company to hold it until you are home. they suggest marking packages signature required and use a company that provides a tracking service. that's what trevor did and amazon sent him a replacement for the stolen item. a pair of men's black boots size 11. trevor tells me he will also be searching ebay and craigs list to see if those boots pop up. fremont police tell us there is no arrest that has been made, but they have posted it on youtube and so far it has received more than 300 hits. nick smith, abc7 news. >> thanks.
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>> and here are more tips to help keep your house safe while uh -- while away on vacation. place some of your inside lights and a radio on a timer. stop deliveries, period. that includes mail, newspapers and packages. never reveal your plans on a site. you never know who is reading blogs or facebook. union officials and the port of oakland are back on the negotiating table following the strike that shutdown the port for most of the day. they walked the picket line at the port and at oakland international airport. the port says it needs to cut expenses especially pay and benefits. the union wants to see the port's financial records. the 11th our -- hour struggle has failed. that means 18,000, woulders including several hundred in oakland stand to lose their jobs. the makers of the iconic brands including twinkies, and ding-dong and wonder bread broke down without an agreement. the company says it will head to bankruptcy court with the
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intention of selling off its assets. e-mail isn't always free. in fact, some people have been paying for it for years. michael finney is here to explain why you don't have to. >> it is true. some companies show a charge for e-mail, but a lot of people are afraid to stop paying at the risk of using an e-mail address they have had for years. i am here to tell you how to keep your e-mail address and keep it for free. >> also, nudists making their point and taking it all off in san francisco city hall. >> a baby born with part of her heart outside her body. what doctors are doing to help her survive. >> and we are tracking rain on live doppler 7hd. sandhya patel will let us know when you will need the umbrella tomorrow. and then later on "nightline". >> i'm terry moran. coming up next on "nightline" from kipper apps to seasonal traps. our insiders crack the codes to getting the best deals on gifts this holiday season.
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and after 15 years, 98 cities and a record breaking run, we will bring you behind the sceness of the making of the lion king. >> stay with us. abc7 news at
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an update on the breaking news at the top of the broadcast. the search for a man who fell into a quarry full of water in oakland. now to john alston live at the scene. john? >> dan, we have new information since our last live report. some divers from the alameda dive team have approached the water. you can see them getting ready on the side of the quarry. earlier about 7:15 a man sliped off of a cliff and falling a hundred feet into the water. he has not been found. a few members of the alameda county dive team will be getting into the water and spending time trying to find what they believe is the man's body. that is the latest live in oakland. john alston, abc news. >> thank you.
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getting naked on the streets of san francisco is a step closer to being against the law. after a contentious battle putting nudists against the board of supervisors they narrowly approved an ordinance banning public nudity. it was followed by opponents tearing off their clothing in protest. >> i would not have gotten naked at city hall if they had not tried to ban nudity which is a wonderful form of free expression. >> we are a city that believes in freedom. we have always believed in freedom and free expression. but staking your pants off at castro market and displaying major genitals to everyone, that's not freedom of expression. >> one more vote will take place next month, but that southbounded to be a formality. -- but that is already a formality. if a federal judge agrees with the decision, the law banning nudity will go into affect next year with an exception like the beta breakers like the one on folsom street.
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have you ever had an aol account? you could be paying for it and maybe not realize it. >> you don't want to lose your e-mail address. but either way michael finney has a report you need to see. >> and he is here with a special 7 on your side money saver. >> you remember when aol was a big deal. now they are scrambling with the other internet companies to find and keep its place relevant in the world. the new yorker magazine says the lion share of the company's income comes from subscribers and many of them don't need to pay for the service. here is the question. could you be one of them? >> debbie newman operates a successful catering company. and much of her business is booked through her aol e-mail account. and now i will continue to keep it because a lot of our customers, i do a lot of corporate catering because they leave the company. >> debbie pays $4.99 a month.
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she doesn't like paying that fee . with all of the free e-mail accounts out there, she feels like she has to keep the aol account. >> if you asked them can i keep the address? >> they say it is $4.99. >> it is not much. still, $4.99 a month comes out to almost $60 a year. >> that's true. that is true. so you are going to tell me i can get them for free. >> i am not going to. this guy is. he is the associate editor at pt world magazine. >> i don't know anybody. i know folks who keep their screen in who want to use them for old time's sake, but nobody pays for them. >> aol of oners a lot of plans and services, and some find benefit. alex says you don't have to pay to hang on to your aol e-mail address. >> if you have a paid aol account, it is easy to down
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grade to that level. if you are paying for an account just log-in and go to your account settings and then just down grade to a cheaper account. if you want a free account you down tbraid to free. >> even if you don't think you have a paid aol account, it is worth your time to pull out your credit card statements. the bill monitoring service says it finds customers charged for aol dial up says they thought they abandoned long ago. >> i recommend to your viewers if you subscribe to aol dial up it may be on your bill and you can take action quickly by calling them up and having it canceled. >> we have been in contact with aol, but have not yet received information from the company on these issues. to see if you are paying for your aol e-mail and want to change it to a free service if you want, i posted a link on our website. go to click on the 7 on your side page. it is very, very easy to do. >> boy, i wonder how many
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people are paying and don't know it. >> a lot. >> thank you very much. well, a baby girl in texas is amazing her family and doctors as she recovers from a rare heart defect. the mother still has not been able to hold her five week old daughter. she was born with one-third of her heart beating outside her chest. her doctors in houston say the condition is usually fatal. she is doing great after they created a space in her chest and repositioned her heart. she will need more surgery, but she is expected to come through all of this in good health. >> that's good. can you imagine the complexity of that. thank goodness she is doing all right. let's focus on this storm hitting the bay area. >> sandhya patel is tracking it and she has the latest. >> it is here and you notice on live doppler 7hd it is pretty lit up. the front is going through the heart of the bay area. as you look at street level radar, fairfield and we are getting moderate rainfall. walters road, moderate rain as
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well. and as we pan around in the east bay, visibility around oakland international. just over a mile. they are getting steady rain across this region. main street, eighth street and 24th street out toward emeryville. light to moderate rain out toward alameda. we pulled out to show you the rest of the bay area. san francisco toward the peninsula, it is pouring in the knob hill of san francisco. the san francisco warrior friend says it is rainy in hillsburo -- in hillsboro. it has been coming down out side our studios. a steady rain around third street. the great highway. it is still raining and it is raining in tahoe at blue canyon as well. you can see on doppler radar that we are starting to pick up snow. there is a winter weather advisory up. in the far end of sonoma county, more than four inches in the last 24 hours. santa rosa over an inch.
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san francisco .13. you notice san jose, livermore, concord, trace amounts. it has varied quite a bit from north to south. temperatures at this hour in the 50s and 60s. it is breezy out of the south. here are the highlights. wet and breezy overnight. showers ending by noon tomorrow. it will be dry for thanksgiving head nooght weekend. tomorrow morning carry your umbrellas with you. temperatures in the low to mid50s and it will be slow going especially across parts of the bay area where the rain is coming down. there is the confident. there is the cold front. it will be a rainy night and it is a slow mover. there is the trough that has to swing through here. we will keep some moisture in the atmosphere. at 11:00 tonight you can see that we have rain across the bay area. 5:00 a.m. east bay parts of the south bay will be wet. even some parts of the north bay could see a few showers redeveloping. but by noontime we are looking at activity to die down for
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the rest of the afternoon and the evening. rainfall totals look like this. highest in the north bay up to an additional inch and a half. a half an inch to an inch in the north bay and up to a half an inch. most of the areas less than that through tomorrow night. the winter weather advisory until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. we are looking at 2 to 5 inches of snow. when you combine it with the gusty winds up to 65 miles an hour. it may be difficult to get up there. keep that in mind if you do have travel plans to head out of town for thanksgiving. temperatures in the low to mid60s. you will be able to put those umbrellas away. the numbers will be in the low to upper 60s. certainly a cooler day. the accu-weather seven-day forecast. showers are tapering and it is dry for your wednesday afternoon travels and thanksgiving. cold for a black friday in the morning, but mild afternoons head nooght week end with -- heading into the weekend with 60s. mike will be here from 4:30
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until 7:00 a.m. letting you know about any weather updates. come -- coming up next, a surprising announcement about birth control. >> the new policy for women across the country.
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we are continuing to monitor the situation in oakland. as you can see the dive crews are preparing to enter an old rock quarry. >> a rock quarry filled with water. what was a search and rescue operation for a man who was apparently out for a walk and fell in has now become a recovery effort of the they don't expect to find him alive. as you are looking live, know the dive teams are getting ready to search that water. >> we will have the latest on abc7 news tomorrow morning at 4:30. well, for the first time since the pill hit the market more than 50 years ago, the most popular form of female contraceptive is being recommended for over the counter use. america's largest group of ob/gyn says the pill should be sold without a prescription like condoms. fda approval would be needed. but there is concerns about
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affordability if the pill was no longer covered by insurance. bay area food banks are trying to feed more needy families than expected this thanksgiving. at the sacred heart community center they committed 42 food boxes for families in need, and more are arriving for help. the food distribution continues through tomorrow, but organizers say they need about 200 more turkeys in order to meet the demand. >> and to find out how you can help feed hungry families this thanksgiving go to and click on see it on tv. >> let's turn our attention to sports and a big decision today. >> kind of expected the way the season had tbon. >> the school decides it is time for a new leader. sports is next.
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good evening.
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he won more games than anyone in cal history. the tedford era ended. he was fired with three years left on his contract. they will write the check for millions. no tax dollars involved. an 11 years taking the golden bears from a 1-10 team to a top 20 contender. they couldn't resurrect cal one more final. struggling on and off the field and a 48% graduation rate did not help. the athletic director said change was necessary. >> as i said before, i have the obligation to do what is right for cal. it is a matter did i believe that we can turn around some of these worrisome trends? >> reporters could not wait to grill 49ers coach jim harbaugh on his quarterback situation today. the only problem was that
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harbaugh canceled his session with the press. he was at the doctor's office for a checkup following the procedure on his heart last week. but tomorrow the question will be asked repeatedly and most likely avoided repeatedly by harbaugh. he was sensational against the bears and raising the question, should he replace alex smith as the starting quarterback against new orleans? vernon davis has been in alex smith's corner for years, but even he admits he saw the future last night. >> it is one of those balls you see tom brady throw. the second window right on the money. i didn't expect the ball to come. we ran that play quite a few times. the tight end usually don't get the ball on that play. he saw it, and he just put it there. >> overshadowed by the big game was the utter destruction that was caused by smith. he is on the chicago bear offensive line. he had five and a half sacks
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and leads the nl -- the nfl with a total of 15. >> if you sense a weakness you have to take advantage of it. >> i felt i had something there. >> numbers tonight from iowa. jack taylor scored 138 points. yes, 138. taylor uh ement -- taylor made total 108 from 152 on the field. it was 179-104. light it up, jack. 138 points. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> he had a good game. >> he is icing down his arm right now. >> he is will chamberlain, junior there. >> that's right. "nightline" is up next.
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i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. you asked for it and now the abc7 news exclusive alarm clock app is available for your android. download it for free from the am ma john -- the amazon app store. >> the free alarm clock is available if you have an iphone. we uh appreciate your time. the news president coulds tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. we will be back in the evening. >> good night, everyone.
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